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You love nature and are a fan of mysteries? You love Vienna, but sometimes the narrowness of the city gets on your mind?

Escape the City! With us you can escape the city for a moment, you explore nature and solve puzzles.

Whether with friends, colleagues or family: fun is guaranteed!


Escape the City - Lost Places

Explore the lost places of Landstraße, Simmering and Favorites. You will discover beautiful landscapes, obscure blossoms of urban development and the concomitant phenomena of urban infrastructure. The destination is a very special place full of memories. Constant companions on this tour through space and time are mysteries and secrets.

The starting point of the tour is the cemetery St. Marx in the 3rd district (Leberstraße 6, 1030 Vienna), accessible by tram (station Biocenter St. Marx) and tram line 71 (station Litfaßstraße).

You buy the game here in the online shop. A book with the puzzles and tasks will be sent to you. For all who live in Vienna, there is a 24 hour immediate delivery by our company boss until 20.5. Please do not forget to enter the delivery address in the payment dialog!

Distance: 5 km     Elevation gain: 95 m     Duration: approx. 3 hours

Escape the City