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Terms of use

By booking our activities you declare your agreement with the following terms of use:

Physical health:

Depending on the level of difficulty, our sports offers require a minimum of physical fitness, physical health is a prerequisite. You are responsible for this yourself as a participant. We ask you for an honest assessment of your abilities and an appropriate selection of the respective difficulty level.


Weather conditions:

Our activities take place in almost any weather. However, if "severe weather" is reported in and around Vienna (tracked on, the activities will be cancelled and the costs incurred will be fully refunded. If the activity is not cancelled at least 60 minutes before the start, it will take place.



Clothing, shoes and food (and drinks are to be chosen appropriately for the activity. There are storage facilities for clothing at most of the meeting points where the tours start. Valuables must always be carried. No liability is accepted for loss of clothing and valuables.



At the meeting points where the tours start, a maximum of 5 minutes (advertised starting time +5 minutes) will be waited for late participants. If you are unintentionally late, you can reach us at the service number +43 660 6965662. If possible, a meeting point will be arranged where you can join the activity. However, you are not entitled to this. Late participants are not entitled to a refund.


To book our activities you should be at least 16 years old. Otherwise, just book with your parents and come with them to us.

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