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We live in a time of speed, hectic and confinement. The clock ticks faster and faster and we pant after it. And many of us feel the urge to break free. At least temporarily.


Nature offers contrast and refuge. Here we can take a deep breath, put the smartphone aside and feel ourselves again. Here we feel free and safe at the same time.


Our passion is to provide you with exactly these experiences and emotions. With us you will get out of everyday life and dive into another world. Quasi in front of your door.

We work according to the ancient philosophy of a healthy mind in a healthy body. Trite and yet more topical than ever.

During our sport and escape tours you will gain knowledge and awareness of the importance of natural areas. You will be active and have fun!

Nature is at the centre of all activities. Accordingly, care is taken to ensure that they are carried out in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner. The combination of sport with the thoughts and ideas of urban development and a sustainability concept is unique in this form.


I, Michael Zettl, try to live all these things daily.

Outside is the most beautiful and the running shoes are certainly the ones I wear most often. Therefore they are also quite dirty. My bikes sleep in the living room, the flat is made of wood and little adventures sweeten my everyday life. Sport is my great passion, which I follow with great enthusiasm no matter what form it takes.

It's the joy of movement, the elation afterwards and the peace and quiet during it, which rewards every effort.


Having come to Vienna from the countryside (in Lower Bavaria), I have always looked for places of peace in the city. This spirit of discovery was fostered not least by my studies of urban planning. In Vienna I discovered these places in places where I would never have thought them possible. Just one of the reasons why you have to love this city.

I would like to share with you my love for these places and for sport and exercise.

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