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What do the levels of difficulty mean?

Of course it depends on where and how we are on the way.

When running, kilometre times (minutes per kilometre) give a pretty solid reference value. For the beginners (blue) we assume an average of about 6:30 minutes to 7:30 minutes per kilometer. If necessary, short (!) walking breaks will be made. For advanced walkers (red) we calculate with 5:30 to 6:30 and for the sporty ones (black) with 4:30 to 5:30 per kilometer. The time ranges are relatively wide, so we will adjust the pace according to the needs and state of the group. The orientation point is always the person who is the least fast. Therefore we ask you to register for the courses that best suit you. And don't worry: if you run with us often enough, you will be fit enough for the black group soon enough :-) We never run exactly on the clock either, because the experience should be the main focus (read more about this here).

For the bike tours, of course, different guidelines apply, which we will give in the following in the form of average speeds. For our beginners an average speed of 21 to 24 km/h applies. For advanced cyclists 25 to 28 km/h and for the sporty ones (racing bike tours) everything above. But also for the bike tours the ground conditions have a decisive influence on the actual speed.

I booked a tour and now?

Hope you're looking forward to it. It's best to arrive at the meeting point in sportswear and your equipment. Only in exceptional cases you will have the possibility to change your clothes there. We recommend arriving in public, but it is always possible to arrive by car (this is a big advantage if you want to change your clothes). It is best to arrive at the meeting point 5-10 minutes before the announced start of the activity (see tour description), as we start on time and unfortunately cannot wait for late participants. Our guide will eagerly await you there. You can recognize him by the jersey with our company logo. He will ask you for your name, so that he will gather the right participants around him.

If you are late, you can call us or write to us in the chat, so that we can arrange a meeting point on the tour.

How do I pay if I don't have a credit card or PayPal?

You can also pay cash at the meeting point. We only ask you to bring the money suitably. To reserve your place, please send us a short message via email, chat or mobile phone with your name, the activity and the desired date, as well as the number of places to be reserved.

What happens in bad weather?

Well, when in doubt, we get wet. Our activities take place according to the motto "there is no bad weather, only bad clothing" in any weather. Only in case of a report of "heavy weather" in and around Vienna (to be followed up on the activities will be cancelled and the expenses will be fully refunded. If the activity is not cancelled at least 60 minutes before the start, it will take place.

Can I bring my dog?

We'll be outside. Roads, woods, meadows are our home. For many athletes, happiness is only perfect when they can have their dog with them. But in our guided sports tours this is not possible. We meet deer, beavers, rabbits and many other native wild animals. Many a four-legged friend is overcome by his natural hunting instinct and is no longer to be kept. We cannot take this risk even to protect the wild animals. Furthermore we want to avoid conflicts with other dogs. Therefore we ask you to leave your dog, cat, pig, hamster or canary at home.

What am I gonna wear?

Right out in front: we are not about surpassing ourselves in elegance, sex appeal and styling. Your clothes should be as functional as possible. Matching shoes and clothes depending on the weather. However, everyone feels differently, so we leave it up to you.

Who's gonna watch my valuables?

What do you do when you go running alone? You only take the essentials and carry them with you at all times. And we ask you to do the same, as we do not have the possibility to keep your valuables, with a few exceptions. We recommend that you have your mobile phone, e-card and some cash with you. Our guides also always have a mobile phone, money and a small first aid kit with them for emergencies.

What happens when I fold or something?

Our guides are trained first aiders and will take care of you. If you can't go on, the group decides together with you how to proceed depending on the situation (seriousness of your injury, distance covered, location). We will find the best solution. You have to be aware that we are partly off-road and that the paths are often not the easiest. As you can also see in our terms of use, the risk of injury is your own responsibility.

I booked a tour, but I got sick. So what now?

Call us, send us an email or a message. Up to 24 hours before the start of the activity you can cancel with full refund. For later cancellations we can unfortunately not refund anything.

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